A Research Note on Central Asian Perspectives on the Rise of China: The Example of Kazakhstan

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Using Kazakhstan as an example, this research note seeks to ad-
dress an empirical gap in the understanding of Central Asian perspectives
on the rise of China. Theoretically, this article adheres to the constructivist argument in international relations that, to understand the influence of
China’s rise on world politics, a pure measurement of China’s political,
economic, and military power is insufficient. What truly matters is how
China views itself in the world order and how other countries perceive
and interpret China’s global position when forming their foreign policy
strategies toward China. Asian Barometer and Afrobarometer contain
similar instruments that are used to measure East Asian, South Asian,
and African perspectives on China’s rise. This research note suggests the
adoption of similar survey instruments to explore how China is received
in Central Asia. We present the results of a pilot test that was conducted
in Kazakhstan, where we found that members of the future elites are
generally positive about the rise of China. This pattern is not surprising, because future elites in nondemocratic countries tend to incorporate
national interests into their value systems. Given the limited scale of the
survey, the findings cannot be regarded as definitive; however, they suggest directions for further research. Finally, the matter of how to improve
the survey instruments is discussed in the conclusion.
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TilaJulkaistu - 12 joulukuuta 2015
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