In a competitive research grant call, a proposal was submitted to profile one health research in the University of Helsinki. Five faculties (veterinary, medicine, agriculture, pharmacy and social sciences) out of the 11 faculties of the university were involved in the writing process of the application. The aim of the proposal was to make University of Helsinki as one of the most recognized universities in the world regarding one health research by 2025. The proposal was accepted in 2018 – Helsinki One Health was born.

The core of the proposal consisted of excellent research groups already active for a long time, especially in the areas of food safety, translational medicine and animal health and welfare. The proposal was therefore based on these areas, on existing scientific excellence and the greatest potential for break through scientific innovations in one health. Regarding food safety, antimicrobial resistance, risk management in food safety and environmental were profiled and prioritized. Modeling of spontaneous diseases occurring in natural populations were prioritized within translational medicine, where international competitive calls led to profiling activities especially in neurological diseases and emerging infectious diseases. Regarding animal health and welfare, animal welfare, ruminant health and medication safety and effectiveness were emphasized.

As an outcome of the activities described, eight new tenure track professors have been appointed in Helsinki One Health by 2020. Societal impact of the appointed young professors has been most visible in their appearance regarding the COVID-19 pandemics in the Finnish and international media. Furthermore, the most important collaborative partners, taking part in the recruitments described, include Food Safety Authority, Natural Resources Institute and Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare. Furthermore, we have received significant resources, input and support for the activities by other public and private organizations and companies.

Our experience shows that One Health can be a very successful area for profiling research at a university and national setting. The next strategic steps include internationalization of activities, an investment in advancement of open data policy and paving way for researchers to access health records and biobanks regarding spontaneous diseases in natural populations.
TilaJulkaistu - 26 lokak. 2020
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TapahtumaWorld one health congress - Edinburgh, Britannia
Kesto: 30 lokak. 20203 marrask. 2020
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KonferenssiWorld one health congress


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