Academic Framework for the Pakistan Teacher Education Curriculum Reform

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Durbeen, a non-profit education company and the Government Elementary College of Teacher Education (GECE) have established a public-private partnership in Hussain-abad, Karachi, Pakistan.

GECE currently offers a four-year B.Ed. (Honors) Elementary degree program, based on 135 credit hours, for pre-service teacher education for prospective 1-8 -grade teachers. However, an analysis of this B.Ed. Elementary curriculum reveals a need to further enrich the content and delivery mechanism of the curriculum to achieve the aims of the National School Curriculum (2006- 2010).

To do this Durbeen has entered into consultant agreement with University of Helsinki, Finland to consult this work. According to the Terms of Reference Durbeen and Uni-versity of Helsinki together with GECE faculty review and develop the curriculum de-sign, content and delivery methods of the study program as well as the pedagogical capacity of the GECE faculty. The work is done by producing recommendations for Curriculum Enrichment (academic framework and new 21st century methodological approaches), Syllabi development (course sequence and sample course sugges-tions) and Professional Development (shared workshops).
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