This case report describes a case of granulomatous colitis (GC) associated with adherent-invasive Escherichia coli (AIEC) with extension to cecum and ileum and dissemination to multiple lymph nodes, the spleen, and brain in a 10-year-old, male Sphynx cat. The cat had an episode of diarrhea 4 months prior to consultation due to sudden blindness. Signs rapidly progressed to ataxia, seizures, and death. Gross and histologic findings were consistent with granulomatous inflammation in all affected organs. In situ hybridization confirmed the presence of intracellular E. coli within enterocytes and infiltrating macrophages, and whole genome sequencing identified virulence traits commonly linked to AIEC strain. This is the first characterization of GC in a cat associated to AIEC resembling the metastatic form of Crohn's disease in humans and GC of dogs. Extraintestinal involvement might provide evidence of the ability of AIEC to promote granulomatous inflammation beyond the gut.
LehtiVeterinary Pathology
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TilaJulkaistu - toukok. 2023
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