Age Gap as a Decisive Difference in Lesbian Relations (with Joanna Mizielinska)

Anna Maria Sorainen, Joanna Mizielinska

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Our analytical gaze is on the nuances in power relations to derive info on whether the lesbian age gap is a constant referent in the relationships. Where is it silenced within the relationships, and what are the instances when it suddenly becomes crucial?
The common belief that it is usually the older partner who helps the younger one out economically, or/and perceives the younger as an equivalent of the child in a lesbian relationship is challenged. Focusing on materialised, concrete response on age-related expectations such as care division or will-writing practices, we suggest that the lesbian age gap provides a vital tool for queering assumptions of the choreographies of intergenerational desire.

LehtiJournal of Lesbian Studies
TilaValmisteltavana - 15 helmikuuta 2020
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