Age-related variation in volume and content of restorative private dental care for adults in Finland in 2012-2017: a nationwide register-based observation

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Objectives: This study assessed age-related variation in the volume and content of restorative dental care performed by private dentists for adults in Finland in 2012-2017.

Methods: This retrospective register-based observational study utilized the Social Insurance database of private dental services in 2012 and 2017, including all patients. The data were aggregated into 5-year age groups for 20-89-year-olds; those aged 90+ formed one group. A patient was one who had received at least one treatment, and a restoration patient one who received at least one restoration (direct/indirect), excluding prosthetic crowns. Attendance rate was the proportion of the population treated. Volume of restorative treatment was the proportion of restoration patients among all patients using private dental services. Content of restorative treatment was described as the number of teeth receiving restoration and the size of restoration (number of surfaces restored). Correlation coefficient demonstrated associations between age groups and numbers of restorations.

Results: Rate of restoration patients was 64.8 % in 2012 and 61.1 % in 2017, the rate for individuals aged under 80 years in each calendar year being smaller than in previous years. Mean number of restorations received per patient was 1.59 in 2012 and 1.42 in 2017, increasing with age (r = 0.85 in 2012; r = 0.95 in 2017). Small restorations dominated; one to two surfaces were covered in 72.3 % and 75.5 % of restorations in 2012 and 2017, respectively.

Conclusions: Volume and content of restorative dental care for adults vary by age and have decreased slightly over time.

Clinical significance: Restorative treatments are a prominent part of dental care for adults. This paper sheds light on the entity of restorative dental care for adults visiting private dentists. Variation in restoration volume and content is shown according to patient's age group, and changes are assessed across six years.

LehtiJournal of Dentistry
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TilaJulkaistu - tammik. 2021
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