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This study investigates the experiences of teacher students studying in schools of vocational teacher education. The aim is to examine, how students evaluate their own digital skills needed in teaching. In addition, we examine what kinds of digital competence groups can be found among students. The data were collected through an electronic questionnaire. A total of 100 responses were analyzed using quantitative methods. Open-ended questions (n = 86) were analyzed with content analysis. Most students considered their digital teaching skills as good. They thought that they could use digital technology well e.g. to collaborate with others. Teaching multi-literacy skills, that is interpreting, producing and evaluating various types of written, audio-visual, and digital texts, was experienced as particularly difficult. Teacher students described that they had learned general digital skills during their studies, but also expressed their desire for advancement especially in pedagogically meaningful technology use. The cluster analysis identified four groups of students who differed from each other in how they perceived their digital skills. This study helps to identify the digital skills which teacher students already feel confident about and the ones in which they still need some practice and additional learning
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TilaJulkaistu - 2020
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