Bird Calls from a Middle Neolithic Burial at Ajvide, Gotland? Interpreting Tubular Bird Bone Artefacts by Means of Use-wear and Sound Analysis, and Ethnographic Analogy

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Large tubular bone artefacts were found in one of the hunter-gatherer burial belonging to a Pitted Ware culture at Ajvide in western coast of Gotland, Sweden. The artefacts were mainly fashioned from sawn ulnae and radii of swans, and they can be categorized as broad tubes (D13 mm), narrow tubes (D8 mm) and tubes with three perforations in a row on two opposite sides. Some of the tubes were found inside another tubes, indicating that they formed two-pieced artefacts. The original use or function of these unique artefacts is not known. A study of the use-wear revealed that the technology of making the artefacts was uniform and followed the same tradition. The size of the tubes, two-pieced structure and some of the use-wear marks suggest that artefacts could have been used for sound production. The perforations, however, are unsuitable to finger-holes. The closest parallel to the Ajvide artefacts can be found from the Native Americans, who used a similar two-pieced artefact, made of a bird ulna and radius, for imitating a local bird. This instrument was played by sucking, unlike most aerophones.
OtsikkoSounds Like Theory : XII Nordic Theoretical Archaeology Group Meeting in Oulu 25.-28.4.2012
ToimittajatJanne Ikäheimo, Anna-Kaisa Salmi, Tiina Äikäs
KustantajaThe Archaeological Society of Finland
ISBN (painettu)978-952-67594-6-3
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TilaJulkaistu - 2014
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TapahtumaNordic Theoretical Archaeology Group Meeting - Oulu, Suomi
Kesto: 25 huhtik. 201228 huhtik. 2012
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