Kosteikon perustamisen haasteet

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    The aim of this study was to find out why the enthusiasm to create wetlands has been remarkably low among farmers although they are offered financial support to create a wetland area on their land. According to the results, the system of support is too bureaucratic and slow. One problem with the current support application system is that it requires expensive planning and the financial risk of ordering these plans from experts lies with the farmers who are not compensated for this at all if their application is not approved. There is no way of knowing whether an application will be approved before the plans have been made and no construction may begin before the application has been processed. This slows down the implementation of the wetland creation since the application process can easily take a year and the implementation can only be done a certain time of the calendar year.
    In the current system the responsibility as well as the risks of wetland creation have been allocated to the farmers who are not fully compensated for their expenses and their trouble. A significance increase in wetland creations would demand that the structure of financial support is changed in a way that promotes wetland creation (support for creation, not compensation of expenses) instead of a system that tries to ensure that no-one financially benefits from the support system.
    Julkaisun otsikon käännösChallenges related to wetland creation: Experiences of Finnish landowners and wetland specialists
    KustantajaUniversity of Helsinki, Ruralia Institute
    ISBN (elektroninen)978-952-10-5415-0
    TilaJulkaistu - 2009
    OKM-julkaisutyyppiD4 Julkaistu kehittämis- tai tutkimusraportti taikka -selvitys


    NimiRaportteja / Helsingin yliopisto, Ruralia-instituutti
    ISSN (painettu)1796-0630


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    Keskinarkaus, S-S., Matilainen, A., Kasari, H., & Kurki, S. (2009). Kosteikon perustamisen haasteet. (Raportteja / Helsingin yliopisto, Ruralia-instituutti; Nro 51). University of Helsinki, Ruralia Institute. https://helda.helsinki.fi/handle/10138/24732