Claiming Translocal Place among Romanian Roma Migrants in Helsinki: Infrastructures, Urban Encounters and Displacement

Anca Enache, Airi Markkanen

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The chapter uses photographs and text to introduce urban places and infrastructures appropriated and created by Romanian Roma in Helsinki to sustain local and translocal lives. The places are managed by public and private entities, while the Romanian Roma who occupy them, face homelessness and displacement. The chapter is based on long-term non-consecutive ethnographic fieldwork between 2009 and 2019 among Romanian Roma families involved in short-term migration between their home localities in Romania and Finland. The aim of the chapter is to understand and visualise better translocal processes of appropriation of urban places, or contrasting displacement from those same places. The photos represent materialities and places the Roma use in their daily lives, such as a railway station, improvised shelters and pedestrian areas developed into places to earn money. The authors argue that the translocality of Roma families is best understood through the dynamic and gendered relations and encounters between family members and other people and actors, relationships that unfold in localised and material settings. Photography as a tool to collect, analyse and present ethnographic data contributes to understandings of the material and sensorial dimensions of translocal lives. Photos can provide contextualised “thick descriptions” of translocal inequalities and local processes of displacement.
OtsikkoMigration and Families in East and North Europe : Translocal Lifelines
ToimittajatLaura Assmuth, Marit Aure, Marina Hakkarainen, Pihla Maria Siim
Julkaisupäivä10 marrask. 2023
ISBN (painettu)9781032137070, 9781032150949
ISBN (elektroninen)9781003242482
TilaJulkaistu - 10 marrask. 2023
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