Co-constructing a virtuous ingroup attitude? Evaluation of new business activities in a group interview of farmers

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Acts of evaluation and their meaning-making functions have been approached
from a variety of perspectives, under a range of disciplines and conceptualizations. In the field of social psychology, for example, the concept of attitude is predominantly interpreted as fairly stable, enduring inner dispositions of the individual. However, when the perspective is shifted to encompass the communicative and relational aspects wherein evaluative acts are embedded, a
variety of crucial functions, beyond the signaling of individual preferences,
becomes visible. The article presents a communicative approach for analyzing
contextual and relational aspects of attitudes. Through a qualitative analysis
of argumentation and social interaction it demonstrates how construction of
attitudes in a face-to-face group interview situation can be accounted for as an
interplay between sequentially organized stance taking, relationship regulation,
and definition of common social identity. In this way, at first sight puzzling
observations become understandable: culmination of attitude expression can
be accounted for with respect to the emergence of a common social identity, a
virtuous ingroup.
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TilaJulkaistu - 2010
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