Complex Ga2O3 polymorphs explored by accurate and general-purpose machine-learning interatomic potentials

Junlei Zhao, Jesper Byggmästar, Huan He, Kai Nordlund, Flyura Djurabekova, Mengyuan Hua

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Ga2O3 is a wide-band gap semiconductor of emergent importance for applications in electronics and optoelectronics. However, vital information of the properties of complex coexisting Ga2O3 polymorphs and low-symmetry disordered structures is missing. We develop two types of machine-learning Gaussian approximation potentials (ML-GAPs) for Ga2O3 with high accuracy for β/κ/α/δ/γ polymorphs and generality for disordered stoichiometric structures. We release two versions of interatomic potentials in parallel, namely soapGAP and tabGAP, for high accuracy and exceeding speedup, respectively. Both potentials can reproduce the structural properties of all the five polymorphs in an exceptional agreement with ab initio results, meanwhile boost the computational efficiency with 5 × 102 and 2 × 105 computing speed increases compared to density functional theory, respectively. Moreover, the Ga2O3 liquid-solid phase transition proceeds in three different stages. This experimentally unrevealed complex dynamics can be understood in terms of distinctly different mobilities of O and Ga sublattices in the interfacial layer.

LehtiNpj computational materials
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TilaJulkaistu - jouluk. 2023
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