Connecting the dots to build the future teaching and learning

Fernando Reimers, Esteban Bullrich, Beatriz Cardozo, David Edwards, Stefania Giannini, Vandana Goyal, Jaqueline Kahura, Jari Lavonen, Vikas Pota, Linda Rusha, Oon Seng Tan, Ramay Venkatraman, OIey Dibba-Wadda, Brett Wigdortz

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    This paper outlines a seven-point strategy to devise a system of continuous improvement of teacher quality and, through it, the quality of education as a whole.

    Education is one of the single most important initiatives that can be undertaken to improve the quality of life, financial security and economic potential of a given population. There is no disputing the benefits of a strong education system. The challenge is in the design and implementation of such a system, and creating the political will to see the system through.

    For such a program to be implemented, teacher quality and the quality of education as a whole must be considered a national priority. Educational and political leaders must support these initiatives publicly, place them on their policy agenda and establish a blue ribbon commission to develop a strategy to significantly and measurably improve teacher quality.

    The blue ribbon commission will audit the various policies and programs that influence teacher quality. By mapping these programs and their coherence, the commission will identify opportunities to increase their effectiveness and yield greater and more synergistic harmonious results.

    These changes can form the basis for a strategy that is sequenced and calibrated to deal with specific entry points, concerns and constraints for the region in question. The steps necessary to promote teacher professionalism may differ where there are serious shortages of teacher candidates or where chronic absenteeism is rampant, or where there is a dearth or glut of technology and infrastructure. This determination will also highlight what role the private sector or civil society can play in the education development in the region.

    Making teaching an attractive profession is crucial to the strategy, to ensure a constant flow of qualified applicants who can capitalize on their initial training, and take full advantage of continuous learning throughout their careers.

    Clear career trajectories and incentives tied to performance, as well as a system to accurately measure performance outcomes will provide a pathway to teacher professionalism. The quest for professionalism must begin at the institutions charged with teacher preparation. The blue ribbon commission should include incentives and support for these institutions, providing the support necessary to review and improve their programs to ensure the best results.

    Innovating the preparation of teachers is integral to the strategy. Rapidly changing societies require versatile teachers to equip their students with a dynamic array of tools to face a dynamic world. Teacher professional development must take into account this need, ensuring that the pre-service education programs align with professional standards, are goal-oriented, and include holistic, integrated and innovative projects.

    Technology and collaborative projects will also serve a crucial role in the pre-service education of teacher candidates, as well as the life-long development of teachers.

    The core of good education is a skilled and versatile teaching staff. In order to effect significant improvements to the quality of education, a cohesive strategy is required so that we can combine what we know already into an efficient system which can be implemented worldwide at the scale necessary to succeed. The dots need to be connected.

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