Coverage of Course Topics in Learnersourced SQL Exercises

Nea Pirttinen, Arto Hellas, Juho Leinonen

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Learnersourcing is a common task in modern computing classrooms, where it is used, for example, for the creation of educational resources such as multiple-choice questions and programming exercises. One less studied type of learnersourced artefact is SQL exercises. In this work, we explore how well different SQL topics are covered by learnersourced SQL exercises. Covering most course topics would allow students to practice the full content of the course by completing learnersourced exercises. Our results suggest that learnersourcing can be used to create a large pool of SQL exercises that cover most of the topics of the course.
OtsikkoLearnersourcing: Student-generated Content @ Scale : Workshop as part of the Learning @ Scale Conference
TilaHyväksytty/In press - toukok. 2022
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