Device for collecting semen samples

Carmen Escobedo-Lucea, Angel Ayuso-Sacido, Maria Cruz Sanchez-Serrano, Marcelino Vazquez-Mora, Johan Patrick Depraetere

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The invention relates to a device for collecting semen samples, which is configured such that the patient/donor can perform ejaculation and the corresponding semen collection in his own home, for subsequent transfer to a medical centre or laboratory where the semen can be analysed. The invention is characterized in that it consists of a preferably plastic cylindrical tube including mouth that is provided with a peripheral flange having a rounded edge in order to allow the condom into which the patient/donor ejaculates to be securely fastened thereto, and a closure cover that is screwed onto the cylindrical tube in order to press and secure the semen-filled condom housed inside said tube
Julkaisuvuosi10 syyskuuta 2010
TilaJulkaistu - 10 syyskuuta 2010
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