Effects of structural and textural properties of brittle cereal foams on mechanisms of oral breakdown and in vitro starch digestibility

Syed Ariful Alam, Saara Pentikäinen, Johanna Närväinen, Ulla Holopainen_Mantila, Kaisa Poutanen, Nesli Sozer

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Structural and textural properties as well as the dietary fibre content of solid cereal foams influence the oral breakdown of structure, bolus formation and digestibility. The aimof this studywas to investigate howstructural differences of solid cereal foams (puffs vs. flakes) affect in vivo chewing and in vitro starch digestion. Four extruded puffs and flakes were produced from endosperm rye flour by extrusion processing without or with 10% rye bran (RB) addition. Extruded puffs and flakes were masticated by fifteen healthy females and the process was monitored using electromyography. Extruded puffs were more porous than flakes (97% vs 35%). The two productswere also significantly different (p b 0.05) in their structural and textural properties such as expansion, hardness, density and crispiness. A negative correlation was observed between hardness and crispiness index (p b 0.05, r=−0.950) and density and porosity (p b 0.05, r=−0.964). Addition of 10% RB had a significant effect on structural, textural and mastication properties both for puffs and flakes. Mastication of puffs required less total work than flakes (204 vs. 456%) and theywere degraded to smaller particles than flakes during mastication. Irrespectively of the considerable differences in structure, texture and oral disintegration process, no significant (p b 0.05) differenceswere observed between puffs and flakes (86.4 vs. 85.1) in terms of starch hydrolysis index. RB addition increased the hydrolysis index of puffs and flakes to 89.7 and 94.5, respectively, which was probably attributable to the increased number of particles in the bolus.
LehtiFood Research International
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TilaJulkaistu - 8 maaliskuuta 2017
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This study was jointly funded by the Academy of Finland (Academy
Professorship, Kaisa Poutanen - grant number 131460) and by the
Raisio Plc's Research Foundation (personal grant to Syed Ariful Alam,
grant decisions of 2016).
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