Energise Living Labs Workshop Report: Deliverable 3.3

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This report presents the discussions and outcomes of ENERGISE Living Labs workshop. The aim of the workshop was the co-creation and co-design of the ELLs with stakeholders that represent business and the public sector, including several organisations supporting local ELL implementation, in order to ensure the incorporation of as diverse as possible views in the design of the ELLs. The workshop was a key event in the design of the ELLs, therefore influencing the implementation of the ENERGISE project’s main task, the ELLs.

A special focus in this report is on three questions that were the main topics of three co-creation sessions in the workshop: what will be tested in the ELLs, how to understand practices and their contexts and how to evaluate the sustainability of the ELLs. The valuable input from the expert panel members and other stakeholders feeds in the deliverables D3.4 (ENERGISE Living Labs intervention and engagement guidebook) and D3.5 (ENERGISE Living Lab evaluation and assessment manual) to be finalised after the workshop, as well as to the implementation and monitoring of the ELLs.
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TilaJulkaistu - 19 helmik. 2018
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