Exploring Digital Pedagogy and Learning Outcomes in Cultural Studies

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Our presentation deals with our ongoing research project that concerns the development of intended learning outcomes in Cultural Studies online teaching. Our study is conducted at the University of Helsinki in the Faculty of Arts. We developed an online questionnaire, which concentrated on the process teachers in the field of Cultural Studies go through, when they develop intended learning outcomes for their online courses. Cultural Studies is an interdisciplinary field, which combines theories, methods and practices from a variety of disciplines in teaching and research. Therefore, we are interested in exploring what types of learning outcomes teachers in Cultural Studies consider to be useful. Our questionnaire has three sections that map out the focal points of intended learning outcomes, the digital learning spaces and teaching tools that are used and finally the impact of the state of emergency due to COVID-19 on teaching at the University of Helsinki. This means that all contact teaching needed to me moved online very quickly. Our study attempts to document the challenges and solutions that teachers used to cope with the exceptional situation. In our presentation, we will discuss the development of the questionnaire and present some preliminary results gathered from the data.
TilaJulkaistu - 21 elokuuta 2020
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