Exploring the Discourse Contained in Political Blogs From a Critical Discursive Psychological Perspective

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This case study describes how discourse contained in political blogs can be studied from a critical discursive psychological perspective. The case explores the practicalities of conducting this type of research, such as formulating the research question, choosing the methodological approach, and collecting, analyzing, and presenting the material. The focus is upon the analytical stages involved in the research process: reading, re-reading, and organizing (coding) the material; identifying culturally derived discursive patterns within it; and exploring the rhetorical organization of such discursive patterns. The case discusses the practical challenges that the researcher might encounter during the research process and reflects upon the constraints and affordances of a critical discursive psychological approach. It finishes by providing practical guidelines for those interested in pursuing such research. The case concludes that conducting critical discursive psychological analyses can be challenging and time-consuming, yet provide valuable and insightful findings that may serve to highlight and critique societal inequalities.
LehtiSage Research Methods Cases
NumeroPart 2
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TilaJulkaistu - 2018
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