Families and youth at risk in the Barents regions of Russia: governmental programs and the best practices

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This analysis is produced to describe the best practices aimed at dealing with various complications faced by children and families at risk in six Barents and one Baltic region of Russia, including Arkhangelsk, Nenetskii autonomous region, Republic of Karelia, Komi Republic, Murmansk region and the city of St. Petersburg. The aim of this analysis is three-folded: (1) to describe socio-economic situation and the situation with children and families in risk in these regions, identify governmental agencies in charge of dealing with various groups pf children and families at risk and governmental initiatives which support the best practices and their dissemination across country; (2) to describe the best practices including the target groups, activities and modes of intervention as well as outcomes; (3) to reflect on main professional networks and communities of experts as well as other resources which contribute to the development of the best practices.
TilaJulkaisematon - 2022
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This background analysis was prepared as a part of the project “Strengthening Cooperation for the Welfare of Children and Young in the Barents region” in October 2021 – June 2022 under financial support of the Finnish Department of Health and Welfare.


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