Fertilization rate and maturation of porcine IVP embryos from lactational sows on restricted or full feed

Tourkan Oztash, Taehee Han, Satu Kuure, Heli Venhoranta, Sandra Goericke-Pesch, Maria Kareskoski, Stefan Björkman, Olli Peltoniemi

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Many factors may influence the final maturation of oocytes, fertilization and embryonic development. We have aimed to determine the difference and compare the fertilization rate between treatment groups of 7 full-fed (7.2 kg/day) and 7 restricted (3.6 kg/day) fed sows during the last 2 weeks of lactation. Immature cumulus-oocyte complexes (COCs) were obtained by aspirating follicles from the ovaries of sows (DanAvl, YLY or LYL) 4 days after weaning. Oocytes were assessed and grouped as large, medium and small follicles at 0hr according to their follicular diameters and cultured in IVM supplemented for 48hr. After maturation, oocytes were denuded and placed inside the IVF media where insemination was performed with diluted fresh boar (Landrace x Yorkshire) ejaculate (≈1x108 sperm cells/ml). The gametes were incubated together for 4hr and transferred into fresh IVF media. GLIMMIX procedure with gamma distribution was used for the analysis (SAS 9.4). Small follicles in both full-fed and restricted fed sows showed a numerically lower percentage in fertilization compared to large follicles (50 vs. 100 and 63 vs. 82 %, respectively for full-fed and restricted fed sows). The quality of COCs and fertilization of the oocytes at 4 days after weaning were not affected by the feed restriction. However, there may be impaired embryo development in restricted-fed sows, which is needed to be investigated.
LehtiReproduction in Domestic Animals
NumeroSuppl 1
TilaJulkaistu - helmik. 2022
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