Bone marrow mononuclear cells (BMMCs) have been evaluated for their ability to improve cardiac repair and benefit patients with severe ischemic heart disease and heart failure. In our single-center trial in 2006–2011 we demonstrated the safety and efficacy of BMMCs injected intramyocardially in conjunction with coronary artery bypass surgery. The effect persisted in the follow-up study 5 years later. In this study, we investigated the efficacy of BMMC therapy beyond 10 years. A total of 18 patients (46%) died during over 10-years follow-up and 21 were contacted for participation. Late gadolinium enhancement cardiac magnetic resonance imaging (CMRI) and clinical evaluation were performed on 14 patients, seven from each group. CMRIs from the study baseline, 1-year and 5-years follow-ups were re-analyzed to enable comparison. The CMRI demonstrated a 2.1-fold larger reduction in the mass of late gadolinium enhancement values between the preoperative and the over 10-years follow-up, suggesting less scar or fibrosis after BMMC treatment (− 15.1%; 95% CI − 23 to − 6.7% vs. − 7.3%; 95% CI − 16 to 4.5%, p = 0.039), compared to placebo. No differences in mortality or morbidity were observed. Intramyocardially injected BMMCs may exert long-term benefits in patients with ischemic heart failure. This deserves further evaluation in patients who have received BMMCs in international clinical studies over two decades.

LehtiScientific Reports
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TilaJulkaistu - 14 helmik. 2024
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