Gene expression patterns associated with caudal fin shape in the cichlid Lamprologus tigripictilis

Ehsan Pashay Ahi, Florian Richter, Kristina M. Sefc

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Variation in fin shape is one of the most prominent features of morphological diversity among fish. Regulation of fin growth has mainly been studied in zebrafish, and it is not clear whether the molecular mechanisms underlying shape variation are equally diverse or rather conserved across species. In the present study, expression levels of 37 candidate genes were tested for association with fin shape in the cichlid fish Lamprologus tigripictilis. The tested genes included members of a fin shape-associated gene regulatory network identified in a previous study and novel candidates selected within this study. Using both intact and regenerating fin tissue, we tested for expression differences between the elongated and the short regions of the spade-shaped caudal fin and identified 20 genes and transcription factors (including angptl5, cd63, csrp1a, cx43, esco2, gbf1, and rbpj), whose expression patterns were consistent with a role in fin growth. Collated with available gene expression data of two other cichlid species, our study not only highlights several genes that were correlated with fin growth in all three species (e.g., angptl5, cd63, cx43, and mmp9), but also reveals species-specific gene expression and correlation patterns, which indicate considerable divergence in the regulatory mechanisms of fin growth across cichlids.
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TilaE-pub ahead of print - 2022
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