Grasslands, biodiversity and business

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This study was prepared as part of the EU-LIFE-funded project, ‘GrassLIFE: Restoring
EU priority grasslands and promoting their multiple use’ (LIFE16 NAT/LV/262). GrassLIFE is led by the Latvian Fund for Nature and focuses on developing, optimising
and improving the conservation status of five EU priority grasslands in Latvia. This
report contributes to the project objective of improving the economic aspects of
sustainable grassland management.

The study consists of three parts: i) a literature review concerning five categories of
grassland products and referencing the current state of European scientific knowledge
vis-a-vis their potential added value in terms of quality and embedded ethical
values, as well as the corresponding knowledge shortfalls; ii) a set of 20 case studies,
deriving from the literature review, which describe products of grassland origin and
illustrate the ways in which they can be differentiated in the market, for instance,
through certification programmes; and iii) a framework and set of tests that can be
carried out to assess added value. The product categories (and products) assessed
include meat, dairy, honey, grass products, as well as wild medicinal
plants. Additionally, two textile examples are included as case studies.

The findings show that there is opportunity to develop production, entrepreneurship
and marketing measures, with particular emphasis on the added value inherent
to semi-natural grassland products in all five categories.
KustantajaLatvian Fund for Nature
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TilaJulkaistu - joulukuuta 2019
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