Nuorisotutkimusseuran historiaa 1987-2018: Vapaaehtoisten yhdistysinnosta sykkiväksi tutkimusorganisaatioksi

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History of the Finnish Youth Research Society 1987-2018. From an association of enthusiastic volunteers to a vibrant network of researchers.

The book tells the story of the Finnish Youth Research Society (1987–), its (dis)continuities and its changing identity using basic research methods of academic and organisational history. The author of the history book, Kari Paakkunainen, has also been involved in the Society’s activities. The book offers the reader a unique opportunity to encounter contemporary history in the research society’s unique and intellectual, methodical and research policy events and colourful debates. The description and interpretation of the operations of the Society and also of the Finnish Youth Research Network (1999–), which keep dozens of researchers busy, are based on the Society’s and the Ministry of Education’s documents and publications and dozens of interviews.
The Society is organised in the form of an association and – with the strong growth and fusion of the group of researchers (in 1994–2010) – this has creatively solved the issue of combining a voluntary ethos and association democracy with the professional-academic and institutional transformation. Even during the periods of change, the Society’s story resonates and prompts debate, offers surprises and retains its drive for innovation and its global tone, and refuses to become routine. The Society’s reflexive nature is fascinatingly connected to a ‘new researcher identity’, where the image of a critical academic researcher develops to include the researcher groups and network that boldly conduct research and become immersed in young people’s cultures and youth policy. During the Society’s early years the basic idea was that multidisciplinary researchers coexisted with qualitative and quantitative materials. This idea has developed and is now more sophisticated. Even though not all researchers are triangular masters, they can still have many roles, fields and materials, also in between disciplines and by combining them. The idea of a trinity of research (youth organisations and voice – youth policy – research) was presented back in 1986 and still remains a concept of debate and is also highlighted in European debate. In the 2010s, this model became more dispersed and is now tailored for different needs.
The history book places special emphasis on partners, and in particular the public servants at the Ministry of Education’s (currently the Ministry of Education and Culture) youth unit, and their flexible mentality regarding administration. Similar to the other Nordic countries, cooperation between researchers and administration has not been a battle over the practicality and application of research, and has instead made progress through colourful debates and breakthroughs. The establishment of the Society was actually inspired by administration, with the aim of mobilising Nordic research cooperation and a journal. The Ministry’s small-scale youth policy ‘niche’ had faith in the Society, who received researcher resources delegated by the Ministry in the 1990s. The Finnish Youth Research Society’s genesis (1987) was complemented by another important moment, kairos (1999): the establishment of the Finnish Youth Research Network, based on a somewhat loose but confidential agreement. The culture of debate and new skills developing in this network meet the needs of basic research projects but also of the analysis of youth policy and youth work and the consideration of roles.
Keywords: Finnish Youth Research Society, youth research, history, organisational research
Julkaisun otsikon käännösHistory of the Finnish Youth Research Society 1987-2018. .: From an association of enthusiastic volunteers to a vibrant network of researchers
ISBN (painettu)978-952-7175-72-9
TilaJulkaistu - 13 joulukuuta 2018
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