How The Teaching-Learning Environment Affects First Year Healthcare Students Stress and Well-being?

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How the teaching-learning environment affects first year healthcare students’ stress and well-being?

Students’ experiences in teaching-learning environment has an effect on their stress and well-being. The well-being of healthcare students is significant for themselves, for their future patients and employers. The experiences of clear aims and organization of the studies, the proper workload and support from staff and peers can prevent stress. Especially, the beginning of the studies provides the basis for sustainable well-being.
Summary of work
In this longitudinal study, the aim is to investigate how experiences of the teaching-learning environment explain the changes in stress, burnout and well-being among the first year students. Their learning environment experiences are examined using a validated questionnaire Experiences in Teaching-Learning Environment. The change in stress and well-being during the first study year are examined with validated measures of stress, burnout, functional ability and the quality of life both at the beginning and at the end of the first year.
Summary of results
Altogether 221 students from four programs of the Helsinki University (dentistry, medicine, logopedics and psychology) answered the baseline questionnaire. In the baseline, 34% experienced elevated stress, 25% had an elevated burnout risk and the average of experienced functional ability was 7.76 (scale 1-10). By contrast, 82% expressed that their quality of life was good or very good. No differences between the programs were detected.
Discussion and Conclusions
Stress and burnout risks were relatively high at the beginning of the studies among the students of medicine, dentistry, logopedics and psychology, even though their quality of life was good or excellent. In this longitudinal study, we will follow the students in these four programmes, and analyse more in depth what aspects of teaching-learning environment promote well-being and functional ability and, on the other hand, protect from harmful stress and burnout.
Take-home Messages
Academic healthcare students are a valuable resource and their well-being has to be taken seriously from the first day of their studies. Based on follow-up results, we suggest remedies for support the well-being of different healthcare students. Furthermore, we discuss the development of various aspects of teaching-learning environment, like aims, the organization of the studies, workload, support and feedback.

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