Identity is experience—my experience is where I’m from’. Towards a wider understanding of worldview pluralism in educational settings

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    Following the changing social fabric in societies, classrooms all over Europe are becoming increasingly plural. While many schools, international schools in particular, have a long tradition in accommodating diversities, and acknowledge the various cultural, ethnic and religious realms, most teacher training programs are not designed to address the increasingly multifaceted self-understandings of the contemporary youth. Central to pluralism and international education are the concepts of identity and worldview. The way these are addressed by educators is directly linked to pupils’ personal development and wellbeing. Moving away from cultural essentialism and Western biases that often predominate education and obscure the complexity of the pupils’ worldviews and identifications, this paper approaches pluralism from a more critical stance. Based on the results of an on-going doctoral study, the ‘expanded’ worldviews and the complex self-understandings of internationally mobile youth are illustrated, and the need to rethink the educational practices addressing these within educational settings is emphasized.
    LehtiJournal of Religious Education
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    TilaJulkaistu - 2015
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