In pursuit of sustainable co-authorship practices in doctoral supervision: Addressing the challenges of writing, authorial identity and integrity

Irina Lokhtina, Erika Lofstrom, Solveig Corner, Montserrat Castello

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Developing an authorial voice along with co-authorship practices can be an important pathway towards building one's professional identity and career. However, challenges may arise when contributors have different expectations about co-authorship conventions and are accountable to different stakeholders. This article aims to explore co-authorship practices between doctoral students and supervisors by drawing on four dimensions that highlight professional challenges across disciplinary and national contexts: 1) supervisors' writing and co-authorship, 2) strategies and activities to support writing, 3) authorial voice and 4) integrity and (the risk of) plagiarism. The article summarises practices and suggestions for academics and policymakers on how to create and promote an ethical and sustainable approach to co-authorship in supervisory context.
LehtiInnovations in Education and Teaching International (Print)
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TilaE-pub ahead of print - 30 heinäkuuta 2020
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