Inspiration Magazine: Making Visions for a Sustainable Future

Thea Friis Askegaard (Toimittaja), Björn Bedsted (Toimittaja), Petteri Repo, Kaisa Johanna Matschoss, Rafael Popper, Monika Popper, Thea Friis Askegaard

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We all wonder about the future. We wonder at a personal level about how our life will turn out. And we also wonder about the world. What will the future look like for all of us? How will life be in the next century? We can search for the answers in our weekly horoscope or we can go to a fortune teller at the carnival - but actually nobody can really predict the future.

However, fortunately there is one thing that everybody can do and that is to think about the future and to formulate his or her visions on what we would like this future to be. This formulating of ideas and opinions is extremely important. It is exactly by discussing people’s hopes and fears that policymakers can set out a path to realize them.

In CASI we are curious about your visions for a sustainable future. We are especially curious about your visions with regards to the future state of the environment with the themes of ‘climate action, environment, resource efficiency and raw materials’. But we are curious about other dimensions of sustainability; like the economy and social wellbeing of people. This magazine would like to give you a glimpse of how to think about the future and sustainability, and inspire you to formulate your own dreams, wishes and desires for a sustainable future.

We wish you much reading and dreaming pleasure and look forward to see you soon and hear all about your visions about a sustainable future!

Read more about the CASI project on the last page of the magazine.
Kustantaja¨Public Participation in Developing a Common Framework for Assessment and Management of Sustainable Innovation, CASI
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