International Energy Law, Difficulties in Supplier – Consumer Relations and Nord Stream 2 as an Example

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This article will examine and illustrate this tension and difficult relationship between upstream producing countries and consuming countries in the downstream by using the ongoing Nord Stream 2 project as the example. Of course, as this project involves Russia and Gazprom as a supplier, the difficulties and peculiarities in the context of this project cannot only be attributed to the resources law and policy and energy law and policy distinction or normal tensions between upstream and downstream countries. They have much to do with political realities of EU-Russia relationship and more generally to both historical and current events that have nothing to do with energy or natural gas. However, at the same time, it illustrates well the difficult interaction between a natural gas supplying country and natural gas consuming country or region.
LehtiZeitschrift für europäisches Umwelt- und Planungsrecht
TilaJulkaistu - 2019
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