Kinship and Sexuality in Elite Sports, or, The Legacy of the Winner’s Self-esteem

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Invited by the Finnish Olympic committee, we participated in the accelerator program of the Excellence in Finland -network. On our way to the Sports College Kisakallio near Helsinki, we reflected on the encounter between our own research field – margins of kinship, inheritance and diverse sexualities – and the world of sports.
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TilaJulkaistu - 26 tammik. 2017
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Antu Sorainen, PhD, is an Academy Fellow and Docent in Gender Studies at the University of Helsinki. She studied Cultural Anthropology, Law Gender Studies and queer legal history. She wrote a book on lesbian trials in rural 1950s Finland, and co-authored an anthology on the conceptual history of Sittlichkeit. She holds Academy Fellowship for the research project “Wills and Inheritance Practices in Sexually Marginalised Groups” (2014-2019), and is a director of the research team “CoreKin – Contrasting and Re-Imagining Margins of Kinship” (2016-2020).
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