Klassisten kielten opinnot teologian opiskelijoiden haasteena yliopisto-opinnoissa

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Classic languages as a challenge for students of theology

This study investigates the factors affecting student drop-out from studies of Biblical Hebrew and New Testament Greek, and seeks educational solutions to reduce the drop-out rate. Students who had quit the courses were sent a questionnaire in which they were asked to give their reasons. According to the results, the main reasons could be attributed to the challenge of self-regulation. The respondents found the large amount of work, certain contextual factors and a lack of motivation the most challenging aspects. The contextual factors mentioned included engagement in working life during the course, other courses they were taking simultaneously, and the different way of studying classical languages compared to other experiences of studying at university, and to their earlier language learning. It appears from the inquiry results that there is a need to develop the pedagogy on the courses. Moreover, students should be given more support fostering self-regulation in their studying and in the learning of classical languages in higher education in general and on their particular study path.
TilaJulkaistu - 2012
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