Management of oculomotor nerve schwannoma: Systematic review of literature and illustrative case

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BACKGROUND: Oculomotor nerve schwannoma (ONS) is an extremely rare intracranial benign tumor. Till date, there is no standard treatment of oculomotor schwannoma. Here, we present an illustrative case report of ONS, perform a systematic review of literature on surgically and radiosurgically treated cases and morbidity related to both treatment modalities. METHODS: We performed a systematic review of literature for cases with ONS treated with surgery or radiosurgery using PubMed/Ovid Medline. RESULTS: Till date, there are 60 reported cases of ONS (45 treated surgically and seven radiosurgically) with the dominance of female gender (53%) and mean age of 35.2 years (Range 1-66). In 8% of the cases, there was no involvement of cranial nerve (CN) III and 92% of the cases CN III alone or together with CN II, IV, V, and VI. In 67% of the cases a complete resection and 33% a partial resection performed. In 73% of the cases, postoperative third nerve palsy was documented, 22% improved after surgery and in around 5% of cases, the outcome was not described. In the radiosurgically treated cases of nonvestibular schwannoma including ONS, the progression-free interval of approximately 2 years was above 90%. CONCLUSION: Due to the high rate of postoperative complete oculomotor nerve palsy, a subtotal resection avoiding the nerve injury seems to be a feasible option. Radiosurgery is another option to treat small size schwannoma. A combined treatment with microsurgery followed by radiosurgery may allow effective treatment for large size oculomotor schwannoma.
LehtiSurgical Neurology International
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TilaJulkaistu - 26 maalisk. 2019
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