Museological value dialogue and memory institutions

Julkaisun otsikon käännös: Museologinen arvodialogi ja muistiorganisaatiot

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This presentation focuses on the issues of values in everyday museum practices, by presenting the term museological value dialogue as a tool for museum professionals. This tool helps museum professionals when engaged in any tension-creating discourse. It requires hands-on practice and an open approach toward everyday museum work, in order to reach a comprehensive understanding.

Prior research has shown that there have previously been value discussions and evaluations in museums, but these have rarely been recorded in official documents; value discussion up to now in many museums has largely remained tacit. Bringing forth such tacit knowledge will offer additional means for current museum professionals as they conduct a museological value dialogue, be it theoretical or practical in nature.

Such a museological value dialogue is not based solely on our current idea of values or identity, but also on those ideas that have accumulated through the centuries. This dialogue is seen in the existence and caretaking of collection objects over time. By studying these networks, specific to each museum, it is possible to gain information about the mutual values of museums, in order to reach a common voice. Such a common voice is especially important so that the heritologically meaningful aspects of society are not seen only in terms of being market-oriented or profitable for current consumption.

Furthermore, it will be beneficial to observe values from a wider, heritological point of view, including all heritage fields, where values are seen accumulating through the centuries in museums, libraries and archives. This heritological aspect will help us to comprehensively understand historically significant objects, revealing their impact factor. This means that a museum and its collection do not exist in an isolated past only, or in our current culture only, but should be understood as a long-lasting entity in society.
Julkaisun otsikon käännösMuseologinen arvodialogi ja muistiorganisaatiot
TilaJulkaistu - 29 maaliskuuta 2019
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TapahtumaMuseums as Agents of Memory and Change - Viron Kansallismuseo, Tallinna, Tartto, Viro
Kesto: 24 huhtikuuta 201926 huhtikuuta 2019


KonferenssiMuseums as Agents of Memory and Change
KaupunkiTallinna, Tartto


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