Negotiating Value in the South African Recording Industry

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When thinking about the value of music, economic value is not the first to spring to mind. Words or feelings such as pleasure, joy, contemplation or communitas are more likely to arise than questions about the price of the record or the distribution of royalties among the creators of music. This presentation argues that the value creation and distribution model of the recording industry is based on individualist and economist conceptions, even though music creation and consumption are importantly based on social production of symbolic value. The presentation discusses the conflicts and negotiations that arise due to this discrepancy between the model and the reality. It examines the kinds of value and rewards that various agents in the recorded music value chain officially create and earn, on the one hand, and those that they more unofficially claim for or receive, on the other. The presentation is based on the material gathered among representatives of the South African recording industry.
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TilaJulkaistu - 2012
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