Novel Golgi protein, GoPro49, is a specific dental follicle marker

Maarit Takatalo, Mark Tummers, Irma Thesleff, Ragna Rönnholm

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    GoPro49 is a recently identified, novel Golgi protein that is expressed in embryonic mesenchymal tissues, including dental follicle. In the present study, we have tested the hypothesis that the gene is a specific marker for the dental follicle, and examined its expression during the development of mouse incisors and molars. In situ hybridization showed that GoPro49 is expressed in dental follicles from bud to post-eruption stages. The expression is intense throughout the dental follicle during crown development, and persists in the root follicle during root development. In the forming periodontal ligament, GoPro49 expression is down-regulated upon differentiation of the follicle cells to cementoblasts and osteoblasts marked by Bsp1. In cultured dental follicle cells, the GoPro49 protein co-localizes with beta-COP, suggesting that GoPro49 may function in the secretory pathway. We conclude that GoPro49 is a novel, specific marker for the dental follicle and can be used to identify this tissue.
    LehtiJournal of Dental Research
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    TilaJulkaistu - kesäk. 2009
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