PDE3A Is a Highly Expressed Therapy Target in Myxoid Liposarcoma: Cancers

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Liposarcomas (LPSs) are a heterogeneous group of malignancies that arise from adipose tissue. Although LPSs are among the most common soft-tissue sarcoma subtypes, precision medicine treatments are not currently available. To discover LPS-subtype-specific therapy targets, we investigated RNA sequenced transcriptomes of 131 clinical LPS tissue samples and compared the data with a transcriptome database that contained 20,218 samples from 95 healthy tissues and 106 cancerous tissue types. The identified genes were referred to the NCATS BioPlanet library with Enrichr to analyze upregulated signaling pathways. PDE3A protein expression was investigated with immunohistochemistry in 181 LPS samples, and PDE3A and SLFN12 mRNA expression with RT-qPCR were investigated in 63 LPS samples. Immunoblotting and cell viability assays were used to study LPS cell lines and their sensitivity to PDE3A modulators. We identified 97, 247, and 37 subtype-specific, highly expressed genes in dedifferentiated, myxoid, and pleomorphic LPS subtypes, respectively. Signaling pathway analysis revealed a highly activated hedgehog signaling pathway in dedifferentiated LPS, phospholipase c mediated cascade and insulin signaling in myxoid LPS, and pathways associated with cell proliferation in pleomorphic LPS. We discovered a strong association between high PDE3A expression and myxoid LPS, particularly in high-grade tumors. Moreover, myxoid LPS samples showed elevated expression levels of SLFN12 mRNA. In addition, PDE3A- and SLFN12-coexpressing LPS cell lines SA4 and GOT3 were sensitive to PDE3A modulators. Our results indicate that PDE3A modulators are promising drugs to treat myxoid LPS. Further studies are required to develop these drugs for clinical use.
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TilaJulkaistu - 7 marrask. 2023
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  • PDE3A
  • SLFN12
  • myxoid
  • liposarcoma
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