Planning the Finnish arbetsplikt

Otto Jussi Jalmari Aura

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    Planning the Finnish arbetsplikt 1920–1939
    In this paper, I analyze how the Finnish arbetsplikt (law on obligatory work, or duty to work)
    was planned and discussed in Finland. It all began with the Finnish state realizing it had to do
    something to prepare its economy for the potential future war. This was learned through
    other countries experiences regarding the First World War.
    The planning was started in 1920s as two separate committees of war economy was set
    in 1924 and 1926. Both of these committees worked for about two years, and saw that the
    question of distributing labour should be determined by means of coercive legislation. Both
    committees handed over classified reports on labourmarket during crisis.
    Then, the Economic War Council was founded in 1929 and it planned the basis of
    distribution of labour during crisis. Its focus had two sides, war industry and agriculture. The
    draft of law on obligatory work was written in the early 1930s. It was seen perhaps too
    coercive to be presented in the time of peace. The draft was kept in the drawer to be
    formalized if needed. In this paper, I firstly examine these reports and seek questions
    regarding the State and dilemma of free/unfree labour.
    Something had happened and in the late 1938 the Finnish Government started to work
    the law on obligatory work for the good of national defense. In this paper I will examine the
    parliamentary discussion and how the question of state and free/unfree labour was
    discussed, or was it a discussion at all? The main point of this paper will be the examination
    of state and free/unfree labour in the planning and legislative processes that led to
    arbetsplikt to be confirmed in the summer 1939.
    Author’s bio: Otto Aura is M.Soc.Sci, PhD student, political history, from the University of
    Helsinki (Finland). His research topic is “The military use of labour in Finland during the
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    TapahtumaXIV Nordic Labour History Conference - University of Iceland, Reykjavík, Islanti
    Kesto: 28 marraskuuta 201630 marraskuuta 2016


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    Aura, O. J. J. (2016). Planning the Finnish arbetsplikt. Julkaisun esittämispaikka: XIV Nordic Labour History Conference, Reykjavík, Islanti.