Practitioner Research as a Way of Understanding my Work: Making Sense of Graduates' Language Use

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This chapter focuses on practitioner research related to ESP at a language centre in Finland. Offering a personal account of my practitioner research, it aims to highlight factors relevant to other practitioners. First, I describe the circumstances and conditions that have helped me do my research as a teacher whose main duty is to teach and not do research, and how the process of doing research has helped me grow professionally. Second, I discuss what I have discovered about English for Specific Purposes (ESP) while carrying out two related, yet separate strands of research on workplace language needs and what curricular relevance my findings bear. This chapter serves as an example of one context and one type of practitioner research, and its findings and observations cannot be generalised, as each context is different and each practitioner has different issues worth researching. However, based on this chapter, the practitioner needs a supportive environment to follow or do research. A supportive community lowers the threshold of doing research, helps to share with other practitioners and students, facilitates the research process and promotes professional development.
OtsikkoKey Issues in English for Specific Purposes in Higher Education
ToimittajatYasemin Kirkgöz, Kenan Dikilitas
ISBN (painettu)978-3-319-70213-1
ISBN (elektroninen)978-3-319-70214-8
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TilaJulkaistu - 2018
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NimiEnglish Language Education
ISSN (painettu)2213-6967
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