Research-based future science teacher training on using ICT- enhanced inquiry activities

Simo Tolvanen, Maija Katariina Aksela, Fina Guitart, Hildegard Urban-Woldron

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This case study is a part of problem analysis for design-research. The aim of this study is to evaluate the requirements for future teacher training to implement MBL-enhanced inquiry effectively. Researchers from five EU countries and six universities have collaborated in COMBLAB project. This project aims to design a new, research-based framework for realtime MBL inquiry activities. The research question guiding this study was: What challenges future teachers have with MBL-enhanced inquiry? To answer this research question, 21 future teachers in Finland and Catalonia (Spain) were studied during their participation in MBL instruction. The views of the future teachers were studied during their master’s studies in chemistry education. It as found that pre-service teachers had used microcomputer-based equipment very little at schools and that they need support with the use of equipment, with
inquiry and with pedagogical content knowledge. These results suggest that teacher training for MBL-enhanced inquiry should focus on future teacher skills with technology and inquiry, while science content is not as central. This study agrees with previous research on the need for long-term teacher training on technology-enhanced inquiry. However, using of curriculum material supporting teachers learning is suggested if short-term programs are used.
Otsikko E-Book Proceedings of the ESERA 2013 Conference : Science Education Research For Evidence-based Teaching and Coherence in Learning
ISBN (elektroninen)978-9963-700-77-6
TilaJulkaistu - 2014
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TapahtumaESERA Conference - Nicosia, Kypros
Kesto: 2 syysk. 20137 syysk. 2013


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