Teaching Social Work Practice Research to Enhance Research-Minded Expertise

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The emphasis on student cognitive knowledge and expertise in social work education has been shifting more toward reflective learning that features learning networks and dialogical interaction. In the context of innovative knowledge communities for promoting social work expertise, educators have become facilitators of learning that is expanding beyond the boundaries of academia. This article features a case study of the practice research module at the University of Helsinki, Finland, which is based on a partnership with agencies and the University of Helsinki research unit of the Heikki Waris Institute. The aim is to promote new pedagogical thinking about how to explore the complexities of professional competences by actively taking into account the cultural and practical dimensions of work life. Research-minded expertise requires not only lectures or textbooks but also ongoing interaction among service organizations, service practitioners, service users, and researchers.
LehtiJournal of Teaching in Social Work
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TilaJulkaistu - 4 helmik. 2016
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