TermFactory: Collaborative Editing of Term Ontologies

Igor Kudashev, Lauri Carlson, Irina Kudasheva

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In our paper, we describe TermFactory, which is an architecture and
workflow for collaborative ontology-based terminology and ontology
work.. TermFactory (TF) is being developed in the ContentFactory
project (2008−2010), carried out at several departments of the
University of Helsinki and Helsinki University of Technology.

The TF architecture is built on Semantic Web ontologies and other web
standard technologies. The architecture defines a schema for representing
terminologies as OWL ontologies, software for distributed storage and
retrieval of term resources, and web services that provide methods to query,
discuss, and edit terms on various collaborative platforms. TF Quality
Manual proposes best practices for collaborative terminology work.

Making use of the fact that OWL is weakly typed, TF accommodates a
variety of approaches to terminological description, implemented as TF
profiles. In addition to the traditional concept-oriented entry view TF
also supports a number of alternative views, e.g. a “contrastive view”
which is particularly suitable for terminology work in culture-specific
domains and domains dealing with sensitive matters (such as social
work, politics or diplomacy).

We also discuss the benefits and challenges of collaborative terminology
work and describe the principles of an upper-level infrastructure for
documenting terminological data, including a common register of
language codes, a core domain classification, a list of upper-level data
categories and means of source management. This infrastructure glues
heterogeneous content together while allowing for the diversity of data
models in different terminological collections.
OtsikkoTerminology and Knowledge Engineering Conference 2010 : Presenting Terminology and Knowledge Engineering Recourses Online: Models and Challenges
ToimittajatÚna Bhreathnach, Fionnuala Barra-Cusack
KustantajaFiontar, Dublin City University
ISBN (painettu)978-0-9566314-0-4
TilaJulkaistu - 2010
OKM-julkaisutyyppiA4 Artikkeli konferenssijulkaisuussa


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  • term ontology, terminology work, ontology work, collaborative work

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Kudashev, I., Carlson, L., & Kudasheva, I. (2010). TermFactory: Collaborative Editing of Term Ontologies. teoksessa Ú. Bhreathnach, & F. Barra-Cusack (Toimittajat), Terminology and Knowledge Engineering Conference 2010: Presenting Terminology and Knowledge Engineering Recourses Online: Models and Challenges (Sivut 481-501). Dublin: Fiontar, Dublin City University.