The Chain of Perversion: The Governance of Homosexuality in Putin’s Russia

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Following the public discussion of homosexuality in Russia during the period 2010-18, this article examines the linkages made between the male figure of the 'homosexual' and various medical aliments and psychological afflictions, immoral associations, and political undesirable traits and characters. Utilizing the Foucauldian concept exchanger, it argues through these linkages a ‘homosexual monster' is created and functions as a rhetorical device that is used to discredit arguments, taint ‘undesirable’ people, justify the passing of laws that limit civil liberties, and ultimately restrict freedom of speech further. Thereby consolidating the regime’s grip on power in the wake of the Winter protests of 2011/12.
TilaJätetty - 10 heinäkuuta 2019
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