The complete genomic sequence of Tobacco vein banding mosaic virus and its similarities with other potyviruses

Xiao-Qing Yu, Yu-Fei Lan, Hong-Yan Wang, Jin-Liang Liu, Xiao-Ping Zhu, Jari P. T Valkonen, Xiang-Dong Li, Jari Valkonen

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The complete genomic sequence of an isolate of Tobacco vein banding mosaic virus (TVBMV-YND) from Yunnan, China was determined by sequencing overlapping cDNA fragments obtained by RT-PCR with degenerate and/or specific primers. The genome is composed of 9,570 nucleotides (nt) excluding the 3'-terminal poly (A) tail and contains one single open reading frame of 9,240 nt encoding a large polyprotein of 3,079 amino acids with predicted Mr of 348.6 kDa. Phylogenetic analysis of complete genomic sequences confirmed that TVBMV is a distinct species of the genus Potyvirus. Different parts of TVBMV-YND genome shared different levels of identity with other species of potyviruses, while most parts showed greatest identity with Chilli veinal mottle virus among the potyviruses with available complete genomic sequences. TVBMV-YND had a rare Q/N cleavage site for NIb/CP and uncommon RITC motif in HC-Pro that is crucial for aphid transmission of potyviruses.
LehtiVirus Genes
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TilaJulkaistu - 2007
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