The Genomic Resources Collection Policy of the Finnish Museum of Natural History

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The Genomic Resources Collection is a separate, independently managed part of the natural history collections of the Finnish Museum of Natural History Luomus specifically intended for consumptive research. The GRC policy deals with the materials that are archived for the very purpose of enabling the study of biological diversity at the genome level, DNA extractions of animal, fungal and plant specimens, and animal tissue samples stored deep-frozen for purposes of future DNA extraction. The GRC policy defines the purpose of the collections, the objectives and content of the procedures and activities related to them, the distribution of responsibilities for collection management and maintenance in Luomus, and the principles of collection accumulation, preservation and
The aim of the GRC is to store and loan genomic samples for research purposes. In taxonomic coverage the collection overlaps with all the taxonomically delimited specimen collections managed by the Zoology and Botany Units, but is distinguished as being directed to preserve the genomic (DNA) information irrespective of the phenotypic variation that are the focus of specimen collections. The GRC includes both Finnish and foreign samples, all legally and ethically obtained, mostly linked to a specimen voucher in the taxonomic collections. The GRC samples are documented and trackable in Luomus
collections management system. In accordance with the Universities Act, the GRC belongs to the national natural science collections of Luomus. For their part, the GRC collection implement the mission of Luomus, which is to be “responsible for the preservation, accumulation and exhibition of the national natural history collections and for research and education relating to them”.
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TilaJulkaistu - 11 tammikuuta 2021
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