Top-10 research priorities for sustainable futures: Insights from and for Denmark

Jacob Ibsen-Jensen, Kaisa Johanna Matschoss, Juha Petteri Repo, Minna Susanna Kaarakainen, Anita Tregner-Mlinaric

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Sustainability in lifestyles is closely connected to the change of every day patterns of individuals and their approach towards food and consumption, mobility and transport, housing, education, health and recreation with strong cross-linkages with communities and interpersonal relationships. Lifestyles also relate to cultural heritage as well as specifics of natural and economic environment. Hence, sustainability in lifestyles is also determined by the surrounding environment, not only personal needs.

This policy brief presents and reviews a Top-10 list of sustainable research priorities for Europe and a Top-12 list (five research priorities received the same voting score) for Denmark. These priorities have been formed in systematic interaction with citizens and experts. In Denmark: 1. Sustainable construction of buildings; 2. More green in cities; 3. Improvement of European electricity transmission to increase renewable energy production; 3. Supporting local/regional agricultural production, distribution and consumption system; 5. Enhanced physical activity for better quality of life and energy efficiency; 5. New working models – new economic models; 5. Understanding and implementing sustainable electronics; 8. Innovating agriculture: the sustainability option; 8. Sustainable economics; 8. Sustainable living environment; 8. Holistic education for a sustainable future; 8. Ensuring inclusive and dynamic city centers.
Kustantaja¨Public Participation in Developing a Common Framework for Assessment and Management of Sustainable Innovation, CASI
TilaJulkaistu - 7 kesäk. 2016
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