Towards a fieldwork methodology for eliciting distinctions in lexical aspect in Bantu

Thera Marie Crane, Axel Gustav Fleisch

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Verbal lexical aspectual structure is a domain in which infinite meaning possibilities meet a closed set of grammatical categories. It is therefore a fruitful area for investigations of subtle cross-linguistic semantic differences, as well as of contact-induced semantic change. Bantu lexical aspectual systems typically include "complex" lexicalizations denoting both a coming-to-be phase and a resultant state (e.g. the same verb in different frame can encode both 'get angry' and 'be angry'). At least some Bantu lexical aspectual types are, therefore, difficult to account for using traditional classifications (e.g. Vendler 1957), and the tests frequently used to arrive at classifications may also not be applicable. In this paper, we describe our pilot study of lexical aspect in isiNdebele, a Bantu language of South Africa, and our comparative with a related South African language, Sindebele. We describe some of the tests we used, and suggest general guidelines for developing and applying tests of lexical aspect within and across languages. We also describe and illustrate the semi-structured interview process we used, showing that hybrid elicitation/ethnographic discussions are helpful in developing and appropriately applying tests for lexical aspect.
OtsikkoLinguistic Diversity Research among Speakers of isiNdebele and Sindebele in South Africa
ToimittajatLotta Aunio, Axel Fleisch
KustantajaFinnish Oriental Society
Julkaisupäiväjouluk. 2019
ISBN (painettu)978-951-9380-95-7
TilaJulkaistu - jouluk. 2019
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NimiStudia Orientalia
KustantajaFinnish Oriental Society
ISSN (painettu)0039-3282


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