Towards responsible dialogue: Searching for the missing piece of strategic employee communication

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    The article deals with strategic communication in the context of work organizations, from the point of view of employees. The starting point is the shift or turn towards a more active role of employees in strategic organizational communications. New operating and communication environments foster extended discussion about the role of contemporary communication models and their validity. Also, changes in working life and strategic management, as well as in communication practices and in perceptions of peoples’ communication roles, call for a wider point of view. The article suggests that responsible dialogue completes the communication palette. It emphasizes everyone’s duties and rights in communication by giving opportunities to participate and influence, and to strengthen commitment and engagement. The final objective is to empower organizations into better decisions, innovations and performance.
    OtsikkoCommunication Ethics in a Connected World
    ToimittajatAndrea Catellani, Ralph Tench, Ansgar Zerfaß
    KustantajaPeter Lang
    TilaHyväksytty/In press - tammik. 2015
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