Using large recent corpora to study language change

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This chapter discusses linguistic changes from incipient to completed using large corpora and databases such as the Corpus of Historical American English (COHA). Such resources are needed, in particular, to analyze low-frequency linguistic features and to trace more general issues at finer lexical or constructional levels across time. Since what is gained in corpus size is usually lost in descriptive metadata, complementary uses of large corpora and small but well documented corpora are also considered. The processes of language change discussed include English verb inflections, patterns of verb complementation, the quotative "be like" and shifts in grammatical categories, illustrated by nouns reanalyzed as adjectives.
OtsikkoHandbook of Historical Linguistics
ToimittajatRichard D. Janda, Brian D. Joseph, Barbara Vance
KustantajaWiley Blackwell
TilaHyväksytty/In press - 2020
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Nevalainen, T. (Hyväksytty/painossa). Using large recent corpora to study language change. teoksessa R. D. Janda, B. D. Joseph, & B. Vance (Toimittajat), Handbook of Historical Linguistics (Vuosikerta 2). Wiley Blackwell.