14th International Architecture Exhibition-Biennale di Venezia. Absorbing Modernity 1914-2014.

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Costa Rican Pavilion
Commissioner, Chief Curator: Oliver Schütte, A-01
Curator and Assistant Commissioner: Marije van Lidth of Jeude, A-01
Co-Curators: Florence Quesada Avendaño, Ofelia Sanou Alfaro, Javier Salinas
Creative Contributors: Alvaro Rojas, Klaus Steinmetz, Carlos Araya Polonio, Lou Guthrie, Mauricio Herrera Palma, Ursula Grodzicka
Concept and Design: A-01 Global conComunicación
Model: modeLab, Marco Galofaro
Photography: Simon Photo Video, Plex Studio, Oliver Schütte / A-01
Photographic Archives: Alvaro Castro Harrigan, National Museum of Costa Rica, Junta de Andalucía, Association of Engineers and Architects, UN-HABITAT, College of Architects of Costa Rica, A Foundation, Costa Rican Social Security, University of Costa Rica-school of Architecture, National Bank of Costa Rica, Nora Gongora Arroyo, Tomás Dueñas
Aerial Photography: City of San José
Sound installation: Daniel Perlin
Soundscapes: Sergio Wiesengrund, postformal Design, Green Noise
Video Production: Robert van der Laat
IOS App Development: Güink, Carlos Aguilar and Mariana Lopez
Sponsors: Ministry of Culture and Youth, Embassy of Costa Rica in Italy, Euromobilia, Edica, Plycem, Development Mega Excetel Group Baharet, Inventa, Inter Group, CPCA, Manig Unternehmensberatung

Pavilion commissioned by the Ministry of Culture and Youth of Costa Rica.

From January to June 2014, I worked as a co-curator and fundraiser of the first Costa Rican Pavilion in the Biennale of Architecture in Venice. I spent a week in Venice before the official inauguration setting up the Pavilion and taking part of the official activities. The 14th International Architecture Exhibition was held from 7 June to 23 November 2014. Rem Koolhaas-Director of the Architecture section and main curator of the exhibition. The national pavilions were invited to respond to a single theme proposed by Koolhaas, and examine key moments from a century of modernization. Participating countries show, each in their own way, a radical splintering of modernities in a century where the homogenizing process of globalization appeared to be the master narrative. The Costa Rican pavilion presented the development of Costa Rica’s Greater Metropolitan Area with a focus on the capital city San Jose throughout the last 100 years. The Pavilion presented the impact of Modernity in terms of architecture and urban interventions. In the multimedia exhibition, the visitors were informed about the development of San Jose in the form of a timeline that highlighted 70 selected buildings according to 7 historic periods.
Period7 juni 201423 nov. 2014
VidBiennale di Venezia 2014, Italien